Reliable Fridge Repairs Services Johannesburg  

We offers Reliable fridge repair services in Johannesburg. Our friendly staff intends to provide customers with reliable appliance and quick dependable fridge repair services in Johannesburg. Mobile fridge repairs Johannesburg aims to maintain highest possible customer satisfaction at all time ,and to adhere to our 6 months guarantee on all appliance service and fridge service as an added peace-of-mind. Mobile Fridge Repairs Johannesburg service the following faults:    

• Control light flashing and a clicking sound coming from behind, (fridge/freezer possible behavior DEFY side by side, BOSCH    fridge freezer unit top freezer),

• Fridge power tripping out, ( possible behavior DEFY 2 door fridge freezer unit silver fridge bottom freezer, KIC and    Fridgemaster, LG silver fridge/freezer bottom freezer),

• Refrigerator not getting cold freezer still pretty cold ( fridge/freezer bottom freezer possible behavior LG fridge-freezer    unit bottom freezer, Defy double door bottom freezer, KIC and BOSCH bottom freezer),

• Refrigerator gets hot ( Whirlpool fridges with thermostat , KIC, Fridgemaster),

• Leaking water (Defy fridges, LG, Fridgemaster),

• Refrigerator runs and cut off compressor (LG fridges double door).

• Display temperatures not stable

• A clicking noise coming up from the back


Appliance Repairs

We repair your appliance at your home. We are open 24 hours per day including weekends and public holidays. Our technicians are qualified and experienced and all repairs carry a 6 month guarantee on workmanship.

Contact us for the following services:

• Washing machine repair, fully automatic and twin tub.

• Stove repair including ovens and hobs.

• Dishwasher repair.

• Tumble dryer repair.

• Freezer repair, vertical and chest type.

• Microwave ovens

• Air conditioner repairs

After repairing your appliance, we test it with you to ensure your satisfaction. Should you have a complaint later, we undertake to respond as promptly to that as we did to the initial enquiry. Before leaving, we clean up where we worked.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We repair and install split level air conditioners of any make in Johannesburg.

Air Conditioning Repairs to these include:

• Regassing.

• Electrical system checks and repair.

• Routine services.

Our expertise in air conditioning unit repair in Johannesburg extends to all types and models; from the industrial large-scaled air conditioning systems to the small residential-sized units.

Mention anything about air conditioning systems and rest assured we know about it.

• Stove repair including ovens and hobs.

• Dishwasher repair.

• Tumble dryer repair.

• Freezer repair, vertical and chest type.

• Microwave ovens

• Air conditioner repairs

Electrical and Electronics Repairs

We are experts in all electronics repairs in Johannesburg. Our service is available around the clock including week-ends and public holidays.  

Contact us for any of the following:

• Electrical wiring and re-wiring.

• Fault finding and correction.

• Replacement of damaged components and fittings as well as installation of new ones.

• Geyser electrical component replacement (thermostats and elements).

• DB board testing and circuit breaker replacement.

• Repair of electronic and sound equipment.


With over more than 10 years of experience in fridge repairs, fridge servicing and fridge maintenance in Johannesburg, we are able to repair and provide support to different types of fridges. We have the required expertise to repair and service both domestic and commercial fridges for all purposes.  We are one of largest Appliance, Fridge repair and Air Conditioning Repair Specialists in Johannesburg.

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